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Merchant Words Review: Find the Best Keywords for Your Products on Amazon

08, 2020/02

If there is something that cannot change anytime on Amazon is the competition level between sellers. Every seller on the platform wants to emerge the top about providing enhanced customer services at the same time, make profitable sales. To be among the top sellers, you must know which type of product the buyers want and make it simple for them to find when they search on Amazon.

To simplify your work, Amazon hosts Merchantwords, a search keyword tool that, if used efficiently, it will enable you to have the upper hand against your competitors through effective products launching and marketing campaigns. The main aim of Merchant Word is to help a seller know what shoppers search on Amazon.

Amazon and Keyword research

I had a slight background in online content marketing before I joined Amazon, just like most marketers who turned to sellers. I expected that the SEO concept that Amazon uses would be similar to the ones I used on the previous platform. That was not the case because the search engine used on Amazon has been programmed to display only the items that are expected to sell at the extant moment. The characteristic that makes Amazon different from other platforms like Google is its consideration of on-page components, while Google prefers off-page components such as backlinks.

Keywords are vital to you as a seller, as most buyers use certain words when they want to choose a product to buy. It would be a mistake to source products to sell before searching keyword competition.

Know more about Merchant Words

Merchantwords is a tool whose main objective is to offer a seller with the estimations of total quests for certain words used by buyers when looking for specific items. Using the analytical tool is simple; anyone can learn to use it within a short time. When you sign up, you will see a space where you will type the term you are searching for. The filter category is optional, depending on what you want. You will get the results of the term you were searching in, which you can analyze further. merchant words review Showing Results for the term toothpicks

With Merchant words, you will get the comprehension of what most Amazon buyers search on the platform.

Is Merchantwords beneficial?

The software was made in such a straightforward manner so that its users can easily understand. Although it seems that simple, a seller needs to use extra tricks to gain additional benefits from data results. You need to have some codes at your fingertips when analyzing the results you received after using Merchantwords. Know that search volume does not mean anything alone. Many factors get considered when going through those results, which include:

  • Relevant Competitors

As a seller, you cannot depend only on search volume. When you search a certain term, and a list of many sellers appear, but they sell different products, consider that as a piece of important information. It means your product has fewer competitors because the other sellers' are vending something different. 

  • Your Product Significance to the Search Term

Amazon has the trend of rewarding sellers whose items get clicked and convert into sales. If your products get clicks and do not convert into sales, Amazon will drop your presence from the results page or anywhere near it. When your products don’t receive clicks from buyers or get the click but don’t sell, it means you selected the wrong item to vend and had the assumption that the term you used as your keyword will source more traffic to your product. 

  • Ensure you use the Right Phrase

It is important to ensure that the phrases you use are relevant to the products on Amazon. Search the phrases you used for your product and check where it directs you. If it displays different items from the ones you are selling, you might have used an irrelevant phrase. You will require the services of Merchantwords to get the right term for your products.


For any business to be successful on Amazon, the sellers should know specifically the products or items that the shoppers want. With the help of Merchant Word, you will have an insight into what your potential clients are looking for. The data you receive from Merchant Words is exceptionally valuable if used in the right way. Investigate more before deciding what to buy or advertise.