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How to Sell on Amazon FBA

23, 2020/01

Amazon FBA is getting popular with each passing day for all the right reasons. Ensuring easy shipping and customer care along with huge profits, Amazon FBA has emerged to be the go-to business idea for a lot of entrepreneurs. 

So, how can you start selling on Amazon FBA ? Let’s find out.

amazon fba

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA stands for Fulfilled by Amazon. Check IO Scout amazon sales estimator tool, right now. Essentially, this means that Amazon does all the hard work for you. 

  • All you need to do is send your products to Amazon. These products will be stored in the large fulfilment centers of Amazon which are run by robots and Amazon employees. 
  • Next, your products are sorted and inventoried and are taken good care. However, if any of your products get damaged in the process, Amazon provides you with an appropriate reimbursement in line with the actual price of the damaged commodity.
  • Now, when an order is placed by a customer on Amazon, the product is picked up from their shelves, properly packed, and shipped to the concerned customer on your behalf. 
  • Once the product reaches the customer, Amazon follows up with the customer and ensures that everything is okay. If the customer needs to return or exchange the product for any reason whatsoever, this is taken care of as well by Amazon.

Things You Are Required To Do

As is evident, Amazon fulfilment takes care of all the requirements for you, thus freeing up your resources for other tasks. 

As an Amazon FBA seller, here is what you should focus on:

Choose which products you want to sell

Amazon handles all the important work, but you are still required to decide as to what you would like to sell. 

Manage inventory

You will be notified by Amazon whenever the inventory runs low. Your job here is to keep the inventory in stock. 

Promote and advertise

Amazon won’t advertise your products for you. This is what you are supposed to do. As there are millions of sellers on Amazon, it is essential that you advertise your products well to catch the target eyes.

What to Sell on Amazon FBA

If all this sounds good to you and you want to sell goods on Amazon FBA, here is a quick look at all the items that you can sell:

Private label

This is the most preferred method to make money on Amazon. Choose the products that you want to sell, and repurpose them by adding more features. Next, brand them properly by putting your logo and branding. That’s all. 


Here, all you need to do is find low-priced items online, like on eBay, or on brick and mortar shops, and sell online at a higher price. 


Another way to find low-prices goods is through wholesale. Buy branded items at best prices in bulk, and sell them on Amazon at a higher price.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell on Amazon FBA?

Getting started with Amazon FBA is highly reasonable. Amazon FBA offers two types of seller accounts: individual and professional. Although individual seller accounts are free, they come with a high sales fee. On the other hand, professional accounts have a lower fee but they have a monthly subscription fee of $39.95.

In addition to these, you might also have to incur other related fees like Amazon fees, and inventory costs. 

The Wrap Up

This is how you can start selling using Amazon FBA. The entire process is relatively easy, hassle-free, and provides quick returns. 

What are your views on this? Have you ever sold using FBA Amazon ? Do share your experience with us in the comments below.