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FBA Toolkit

02, 2020/02

As an Amazon seller, you need to know all the details about a niche in which you are going to sell the product. This will allow you to evaluate the product demand and competition so that you can boost your sales. However, estimating product sales, revenues and profits manually is not an easy task. This is where fbatoolkit helps you. Fba tool kit is a wonderful way of knowing the price drops of products.

In this article, we bring you the fba toolkit review along with its advantages and benefits.


Amazon fba toolkit is a very useful tool for Amazon sellers. Fba tool mainly offers 3 important features namely product tracker, price list analysis and sales rank. These features let the sellers know about the daily sales of products and they can also analyze the fba spreadsheet having ASIN of products and know about their estimated sales and current price and offers. Lastly, you can track price drops of products as well.

There is no separate Fba toolkit chrome. It can be used easily on chrome or on any browser by visiting

FBA Toolkit offers 5 amazing pricing plans; Scouter, Starter, Business, Enterprise, and Elite. The Scout plan is the cheapest and costs only $5 per month and can be used free for the first month. However, it offers limited features; you can track 10 products and scan 100 barcodes per day. The Starter package is available for $50/month and works only with Amazon US. Through this package, you can track 250 products.

The Business Plan costs $250 per month and allows you to track a fair amount of products that is 2500 whereas 1000 barcodes can be scanned per day as well. The Enterprise plan is a bit expensive at $500/month but works with Amazon US, UK, Spain, France and many more and allows tracking of 10000 products.

The Elite plan is the most expensive and is available at $1000/month. It can also be the use of different Amazon sites such as the US, UK, Spain etc. Through this package, you can not only track 30000 products but also scan 5000 barcodes per day.

FBA Toolkit has three features; Product Tracker, sales rank and price list analysis.

Product Tracker

This is a very useful tool that lets you track the sales, prices, and stocks of products. You can track products for all the merchants available in the listing. Through this tool, you can have an idea of the prices and sales of your competitors and you can set your prices based on their data.

Sales Rank

This is a free feature offered by FBA Toolkit through which you can get per day sales estimates of a specific product category. This feature can help you find profitable niches with high demand.

Price list analysis

This is another useful feature for both buyers and sellers. To use this feature you have to make a spreadsheet contain ASINs or EANs and in return, you will get to know about the product’s current offers, profit, and estimated sales. It also shows the product’s markup.

How to Use FBA Toolkit?

FBA Toolkit is quite simple and easy to use. All you have to do is go to and use the desired feature. The Sales rank feature is free and can be used directly on the FBA Toolkit homepage through the best seller rank. You can find the best seller rank on the Amazon product information page.

FBA Toolkit is a smart tool for sellers that can help them sell more effectively on Amazon.

Q: Is there a free trial of FBA Toolkit?

A: Yes, only the Scouter package offers 1-month free trial

Q: Is FBA Toolkit useful for Amazon sellers?

A: Yes. It is a very good tool which offers product tracking, sales rank and price list analysis.